This amazing story takes place in Bulgaria: a cat lost the use of his back legs after having been hit by a car.

He was lucky enough to have bionic paws put in place to replace them - the first operation of its kind in Europe.

A first in Europe

According to Australian Women’s Weekly, Zlatinov is the first European veterinary to have have successfully completed this operation. The first attempt was by an Irish neuro-orthopaedic surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick.

The cat called (meaning 'Teddy Bear' in Bulgarian), isn't the first to have gone through this life-saving operation. Zlatinov had also operated on an eight month old cat named Steven who had also lost the use of his pack paws last year  - but without success.

"These operations prove that even in a country like Bulgaria, innovation can pave the way forward," says Zlatinov.

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The operation costed more than $1600

Pooh was kitted out with two polymer paws mounted on titanium shafts. It was Vladislav Zlatinov who was responsible for the operation.

The operation costed more than $1600 and the funds were collected by animal protection organisation "Let's Adopt Bulgaria".

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 A healthy cat

 Since the operation, Pooh has regained his good health and has even gained back all the weight that he had lost.

He can walk, run and play just like any other cat. The only difference is the noise he makes with his two polymer paws when they touch the ground.

chat pattes bioniques

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