The benefits of massage have been studied at length for humans, but it seems the results are just as positive for animals. With this in mind, we've put together five excellent reasons for you to massage your cat. And make them purrrr...

Massaging your cat may seem weird the first time you try it, but it can improve the quality of life for both you and your precious moggy. Not only is massage a natural therapy, but when employed daily, the benefits quickly become visible.

We've outlined some of the key benefits associated with massaging your cat, so warm up those hands and start improving the wellbeing of your purring friend today!

#1 Massaging your cat relaxes them

Massages are well known for offering not only physical relaxation but also mental. The physical sensations can reduce stress, and have been shown to reduce anxiety and aggressiveness in cats.

Cats can become more affectionate and develop a stronger relationship with their humans and therefore come to appreciate massages even more. However, massages are only beneficial for cats who are happy with the activity - massage time should never be forced as it may just stress your cat out more.

If done right, your cat may become calmer and more relaxed, and will be better able to combat viruses and other symptoms with more ease, keeping them in better health.

#2 Massaging your cat improves their circulation

Stimulating the muscles and tissues of the body of your cat increases their blood circulation. Increasing this circulation allows more oxygen to enter into the tissues so that if there are either internal or external injuries, they will heal more quickly.

Massages also reduce your cat's heart rate. This in turn reduces muscle spasms and the production of lactic acid which can be painful for your cat.

massage du chat

#3 Massaging your cat means quality time together

We all love to stroke our cat, so why not go one step further and give them a massage? Spending quality time with your cat (or with each of your cats if you have more than one) is important for solidifying your relationship. We all want our cats to trust us and for them to live a happy life at our sides, so their wellbeing should be top priority.

While cats are known for being independent, this doesn't mean that they don't need attention and love from you - keep in mind they love you right back! Often, cats would like to spend more time with their pet parents - time just needs to be found for this. Therefore make those interactions count with quality time together.

#4 Massaging your cat can help you detect problems

During your massage sessions you will be able to feel if there are any abnormal lumps or bumps. These symptoms can be felt before they can be seen, so take note when you massage your cat in case you feel anything out of the ordinary. This will help your vet determine whether there is anything that needs further investigation.

Rapid detection of a bump or injury is always useful in the early treatment of illnesses.

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#5 Massaging your cat is good for your own health

Massaging your cat is also very good for you! Science has proved that being a pet parent is good for your health. It reduces stress, reduces arterial pressure and improves your mood. This is why pet parents tend to live for longer - true fact!

Cuddling, snuggling, playing, massaging - they all have many therapeutic benefits, for both your cat and you. So get massaging today!

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