How to choose a name for your dog

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Just like for a child, a dog's name is an important step.

They will have this name all their life and will learn to respond to it. Their name is, in this way, an important part of their education. Once learnt, they will learn to follow orders and recognize when you are calling them. 


You can call your dog whatever you want, but here are some guidelines to make the choice easier for you!


Choose a name that's easier to understand

It is important that the name of your dog be easily pronounced so that they can learn to recognize it quickly.


Simple to pronounce and having a name of only one or two syllables would be an easy name for a dog to remember. Long names are not recommended as dog don't register more than two syllables par word.


It is preferable to choose words that don't contain the same sounds as daily words such as 'sit' or 'no'. These could cause behavioural problems as  your dog will associate their name with an order and either one will become less effective (also think of how dogs think you're talking about biscuits when in fact you said 'Brexit').


Double-syllable names such as 'Loulou' or 'Mimi' are even easier to understand for dogs.


A name that fits the dog

In order to find a name to give your dog, you can use their gender, their personality, their size and their breed to narrow down the choice. Sometimes, the right name may just click with their face or personality.


Some pet parents play with irony and give their dogs names that are the complete opposite of their appearance or personalities, to make the choice more amusing.


How did you choose your dog's name?

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