A beautiful project has been in the making by Chef Malik Von Saint, who will cook for shelter dogs and cats to celebrate Thanksgiving.

An operation in communication

Chef Von Saint has created two menus for the occasion, composed each of an entrée, main course and dessert. The aim is for the cats to enjoy themselves as much as the dogs. The shelter hopes that this project will create enough buzz to augment the adoption rate at the shelter.

The shelter in question is called "City of Buffalo Animal Shelter". President Kerry Neaf shared her optimism on ShelterMe.tv: "We hope that this project will attract people that don't come to shelters. It's a question of solidarity - these pets need attention, and we hope that people will fall in love with them."

The ingredients used on Chef Von Saint's menu were donated by the locals. They will feed a total of 66 cats and 62 dogs, with the help of the local cooks of Buffalo.

Menus pour cats and dog

Are you wondering what is on the menu for these deserving furballs?

Chef Von Saint has planned, for the dogs, a hors-d'oeuvre of smoked sausage, a main course of turkey, jasmine rice, sweet potato and bean purée. For dessert, homemade icecream and crumble will be served.

The cats will be equally spoiled: probiotic yoghurt and fresh milk soup for starters, rillettes de lapin and salmon for the main course, and a cake for dessert.

Here is the link on Facebook for those who are interested - it's happening today! For those who can't participate, a list of presents was created on Amazon in aid of the shelter.

A beautiful idea for animals in need.

Sources : iheartcats

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