Have you ever heard of a dog being friends with a duck? Well, you’re definitely going to love this story!

Ducks meet dogs

When their mom fostered ducklings from the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network, these dog brothers just couldn’t get enough of them!

Pikelet and Patty Cakes have always wanted ducks, to such an extent that they even play with rubber ones! But now they get to play with the real deal – a dream come true!


Loving big brothers

The dogs are very careful with their foster ducks; they play with them, nurture them and even sit still when the ducks are with them to avoid accidentally hurting the duck friends.

canards chiens amitié

They truly act like big brothers – always keeping the ducks safe from harm! View the video below to see more of this beautiful relationship.

Pictures : Facebook/LifeOfPikelet

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