Héloïse Lagrange is a professional cat breeder in Var, and was the victim of a theft some days ago...

A terrible, organised crime

On the 27th Cctober, a theft took place in broad daylight. Amongst the cats stolent were 10 Bengal cats and a Ragdoll, with a combined value of over €23,000.

Héloïse looked after the cats from her cattery called Colo Cat in her own home. She had put up a plaque showing her occupation and this would be how the thieves became aware of her business. The police are following this lead.

A Bengal kitten costs on average between €1500 and €2500. Many people have discovered the profitability of selling these cats on the black market for a lower price in order to make money.

The cat breeder calls for solidarity between cat lovers to help find her cats. If you have any information, don't hesitate to call Héloïse at +33 677 024 222 or to inform the police.

We all hope that Héloïse finds her kittens!

Source : Nice matin

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