Rabbits also need to have fun! Whether to mentally stimulate, hone their teeth or exercise, you don't need any excuses to surround them with adapted toys. In addition, it is quite possible to respond to their needs without spending too much money:


Balls or cones and wicker plant materials found in home decor stores are very appreciated by rabbits. If they are hollow, you can fill them with hay, and your companion will be delighted!

Some braided rope toys with bells or plastic are also fine but be careful that what you buy is safe for your bunny - you don't want them swallowing them! Rabbit Rope

Seagrass is also loved by rabbits as they can gnaw at it for a long time. A simple carpet of this material will be perfect.


Use your imagination and make them a house made ​​of cardboard or wood. No need to be a great architect - plan a space large enough for them to be able to access by multiple entries with a toy or hay inside.

Rabbits Box

Rabbits love cat trees: they are cozy and accessible, and they have small hideouts!

Bunnies love tunnels! You can create one with cardboard.

Rabbit Box


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