30 elephants die every day in Tanzania because of poaching. This is a very alarming situation and according to the UN, these animals could be completely extinct within 7 years.

Criminal Gangs

Criminal gangs are becoming more organised and use more sophisticated methods to catch the elephants. They poach with the latest detection tools and corpses are not found quickly enough.

“The Tanzanian authorities launched a controversial campaign against poaching last year, allowing national park rangers to shoot and kill poachers,” explains the Humane Society of elephants in Tanzania.


Stats show that in 2006, Tanzania had about 70, 000 elephants and in 2013 they only have about 13, 000 elephants left. If these alarming numbers don’t prove that the threat is real, then nothing will. The destruction of these animals will not stop unless something is done about it.

We applaud the park rangers all over the world who aim to keep animals safe from poachers!

Source: Animal News

Photo: Pixabay

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