Architect and designer, Ruan Ho, has designed a very elegant looking table with tunnels that will delight cats and their owners as well!

The CATable

This new table has the clever nickname “CATable” as it especially designed to keep you pet cat busy while you work. The holes and tunnels are irresistible for cats to play in and will keep their attention for some time!

While it looks plain from the top, the network of tunnels inside are cleverly created throughout. It is designed to be just the right size for your pet cat to crawl through.

The table, as you can see, is visually appealing as well. It would look great in any home!


The Inspiration

Cats tend to bother you at the worst time. This often happens when you need to work and this table is the solution. Instead of sitting on your lap or keyboard they won’t be able to resist the tunnels waiting for them!

Many designers are looking at designing pet- friendly furniture; we cannot wait to see their designs!



Source: Bored Panda

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