Australia seems magical when you think about it; blue seas, coral reefs, exotic animals and the beach of course! With some of the most dangerous animals around, it is best to avoid the following!

The Blue Ring Octopus

The tiny octopus is only 20cm long. It is yellow with blue circles that pop up when it feels threatened. It squirts out a poison when these circles appear, and unfortunately there is no antidote yet! Watch out for these when you swim!


The Irukandji Jellyfish

This jellyfish is much smaller than the octopus mentioned above; it comes in at only 2cm long. It is also transparent making it even more dangerous! It also releases a poison that has no antidote and paralyses limbs, making it possible to drown.


The Stone Fish

This fish is also difficult to see as it blends into its background. It is called a little aquatic chameleon when moving from stones to coral. Be careful where you walk or touch anything in the water, as the thorns on its body ejects poison. In addition to this deadly poison, the venom causes extreme burning.


The Sting Ray

There are many of these in Australia, so be careful when swimming! They have a powerful sting if they catch you so stay away.


The Saltwater Crocodile

Freshwater or saltwater, this is a formidable predator! These animals won’t hesitate to attack humans so be careful when you are near marshes as well. There are many risk zones already where it is forbidden to swim.


The Red Back Spider

This spider is the most dangerous in the world; it is located all across Australia. Although its venom is deadly, there is an antidote available. Luckily there have been no fatal accidents since the antidote has been found.


The Cassowary

This very large bird is 2m tall and resembles a turkey. They are dangerous and can easily disembowel a human. They are found in the west of Australia, it's best to avoid them.


The Taipan Snake

These snakes are found in the Australian desert and blend in because of their sandy colour. This is one of the most poisonous reptiles. A dose of its venom can kill 100 men and 250, 000 mice.


The Great White Shark

This predator is known to all humans and is especially dangerous to swimmers and surfers. Attacks occur each year and many have been fatal.


The Dingo

Last but not least, this “brother” of the dog or wolf lives in the deserts. They are generally very aggressive and could attack humans. Don’t confuse them for a friendly dog!


Have you been to Australia?

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