When we heard about this story on Bored Panda, we had to tell you about it because well, it’s just awesome and sometimes that’s exactly what you need in the middle of the week. In fact we’re very confident that this will hit you so hard in the feels you’ll feel like you’ve watched Titanic for the first time.

Meet Lilo, Lilo is your regular beautiful Husky who is strong and pretty at the same time, only Lilo is also a hero. Thanks to Lilo, Rosie the kitten is alive and healthy.


If this all sounds a little far fetched, then let us walk you through this awesome story.

Rosie the Kitten was rescued near death and brought home where Lilo, (who has no pups of her own) took to caring for precious little Rosie. So much so that Rosie is now at full health. Sometimes we don’t choose motherhood because it chooses us.


Animal surrogacy does happen on the odd accession and it is splendid, but we don’t advise forcing it as this can also be very very dangerous for all concerned.

Rosie is already 4 months old now and healthy as ever and her and Lilo are the best of friends. If you just scroll through Lilo’s Instagram, it’s pretty easy to see that this relationship is not a forced one.

Do you have any different pet friend stories that you think we need to tell? Then please share them with us. But for now enjoy these images of Lilo and Rosie:

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