Patricia Cudd, 62, is battling breast cancer and her main goal is to find a new, loving home for her dog, Sherlock.

Four years ago Patricia saved her Pit Bull, Sherlock, from a shelter and he has been her main source of support throughout her battle with cancer. She feels that her days are numbered so she has started looking out for a new family for Sherlock.

Finding a Home

She worries that finding a home for Sherlock will be difficult as many people have a negative perception of the breed. They do not see the loving and playful side of these dogs but instead only their aggressive sides.

Patricia, who is from Fort Collins, is no longer able to take him for a walk or run and she cannot handle him like she could before. She thinks that she will have to go into hospice care soon and she cannot give him the care he deserves from there.


She affectionately calls him “Sherie”. After her chemotherapy treatments he would lie with her and they would watch Harry Potter movies until she felt better.

Patricia would like to choose the family for Sherlock herself. He is quite possessive and territorial so it would be best with no other animal in the house.

She says that finding a good home for her dog and best friend would help her so much, and it would give her peace.

Source & Photo Credit: The Coloradoan

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