A sniffer dog called Grizz was killed by police at Auckland Airport in New Zealand. He had escaped the surveillance of his master for 3 hours.

This news was met with fury by numerous animal defense organisations…

The sniffer dog wandered around freely

Grizz wandered around on the tarmac for three hours, which causes a holdup in air traffic. 16 international and domestic flights were delayed. This was because many pilots did not want to take off for security reasons.

Impossible to contain him

Grizz was put down by the police on the 17th March. He had been in training as a sniffer dog and would have received his certificate in 6 months.

According to the spokesperson for security, Mike Richards, this was a last resort. All other methods of bringing him back under control had been exhausted without success.

"We tried everything: food, toys, other dogs. Nothing worked," he declared

Animal defense organisations react

However, the death of Grizz brought strong emotions to the surface for many netizens of the internet. This was particularly the case for animal lovers, though they weren't the only ones affected.

The hashtag #Grizz was launched on the social networks in order to pay homage to the dog. According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a non-lethal method should have been used. This could have been a tranquiliser pistol, for example.

What do you think about putting down a sniffer dog?


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