Prince of camouflage, stoic, descriptions abound as cats seem to put a point of honour in hiding their pain.

Suffering in silence

We have too long believed that cats are more resistant to pain, which is false. Like some humans, cats prefer not to show anything, for  obvious survival reasons. Any wounded animal hides from any predator when it is in a vulnerable state. The other dogma to dispel is that some pain may be beneficial.
If your cat becomes grouchy, spits or fidgets without obvious explanation, ask yourself what can hurt him rather than thinking that they could harm you by this sudden aggression. A bad toothache would sometimes makes you want to bite too!

See the pain behind the mask

It is the modification of your cat's behaviour more than any complaint that will indicate your cat is in pain. There are only a few very exceptional cases that trigger very hoarse mewing. This is of vital medical emergency.

These voice complaints may occur at night, also suggesting other malfunctions. Do not wait to consult your veterinarian when you hear unusual meowing.
In a road accident,  there is sometimes no reaction or only a moderate reaction from a cat when handling a broken limb. This lack of reaction from the cat is related to nerve complications. The pain is real and must be taken care of quickly.

Provide aid and comfort

The pain associated with age can also be managed. Osteoarthritis is now well recognized by veterinarians, but it is you who on a daily basis are the best observer of the behavior of your cat. Observe how they sleep:  are they completely relaxed, lying, or rolled into a perfect ball ? Are there places where they no longer climb ? Do they complain when you pat them on the back? Are they eating less? Osteoarthritis of the jaw as well as the cervix are quite subtle to detect, but if you have a very old cat, remember to put their bowl on a stand. It is often very appreciated, just as if they are sitting on a stair, the bowl on the step above. To access your bed, scattered books are sometimes serve as a welcome staircase.
At the annual health consultation with your vet, tell them all this because there are many treatment options beyond the amenities that you can offer your cat. Drugs are increasingly administered orally, which is more pleasant and less prone to side reactions.
With the disappearance of the pain, your cat will find their good humor... and appetite !

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