For those who don't know, Blue Cross is a major pet charity in the UK, dedicated to helping poorly, injured and abandoned pets for over 100 years!

The charity finds homes for unwanted pets thanks to their 16 rehoming centers; they treat sick and injured animals when their owners can't afford the fees in their 4 animal hospitals. But Blue Cross also promotes animal welfare to future owners, by giving speechs in schools for example.

The Blue Cross Pet Parade


The Blue Cross Pet Parade app is totally free and available on iOS and Android.

Once you've downloaded the app, you have to register; I was happily surprised on how easy that was: enter your pet's name, the type (cat for me), the owners name, surname and email address, choose a password... and it's done!

You can of course choose or not to receive Blue Cross's newsletter, or to be sent push notifications from the app.

Next step is to choose the photo of your pet, here Blue Cross gives you the choice between taking a new photo or uploading one already on your phone - I really liked this option as my cat wasn't there at the moment.petparade2

Now I have chosen my photo, I can rotate and resize it with my fingers. There are so many accessorizes to choose from, I couldn't test them all! But I really loved the "head bow" section!


Like the photos, you can rotate and resize all the accessories to make them fit "purrfectly". If you're not happy with it, you can also delete or edit the accessory any time.


Once I have finished my piece of art, I can share it on the Pet Parade, but also on Facebook, Twitter and even by sms and ask my friends to vote for me!

Vote for the King or Queen of the Pet Parade!

Choose the royal winner of the Pet Parade by voting for the best costume. Each vote costs £2 and goes directly to the Blue Cross charity to help pets in need!

The pet with the most votes ( and who has raised the most money) will be crowned as Pet Parade Carnival King or Queen in the inaugural Pet Parade next year.

So vote for Pixel here!


As a charity, they do not receive any money from the government or local authority - and rely on your help to continue their amazing job!

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