Ferret sterilization: Have you ever thought to sterilize your ferret? If you own a female ferret, the operation may be essential!

Female ferret sterilization is highly recommended if they are non-reproductive. Indeed, ferrets being in heat without being fertilized might develop myelosuppression.

It is a disease that can be very serious for your ferret. Indeed, the ferret secretes too much estrogen which is toxic to the bone marrow cells that ensure the creation and renewal of blood cells.

In this case, the ferret may have severe anemia, bleeding, a limited production of white blood cells... The animal will be more susceptible to bacterial infections. The outcome is always fatal because unfortunately there is no treatment. In addition, the detection of aplastic anemia is often too late because the symptoms ( loss of appetite, general weakness, hair loss, pale mucous membranes... ) shows an advanced stage of the disease. It is therefore strongly advised to neuter your ferret if you do not intend it to be fertilized.


You should wait until your ferret is 6 months before considering this operation. Also in terms of age, coupling is discouraged for ferrets after 5 years old.

Regarding males,  sterilization is frequently performed on them to reduce their strong smell. It may also reduce behavioral problems such as violent fights between males. It is therefore an operation for comfort.

For more information do not hesitate to visit your vet! 

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