You get up to grab something from another room and just like that, your dog is by your side. There are some fairly obvious reasons why they do this, but there are also a couple that you might not have thought of. Let's take a look!

Not unlike young children, dogs don't usually like being left alone. Even when you're both in the same house, they'll often want to be in the same room - at all times!

It can sometimes make trying to get to the next room an obstacle course in an attempt to avoid delicate paws or ending up flat on your face.

So why do our dogs like to follow us around so much? Here are some reasons you may and may not have thought of...

Dogs are pack animals

Dogs are sociable animals, descending from wild animals who lived in packs. Your dog has adapted to your family by considering you their 'pack'.

As such, your fur friend may feel vulnerable in your absence. Therefore, your dog may want to show you that your presence is reassuring for them. It can also be a means to help protect you.

Your dog follows you around out of curiosity 

Dogs are naturally curious animals so you moving about will probably attract their attention. They simply want to know what you might be doing.

Take into account that your moving around could present a potentially exciting opportunity for them. You could be preparing a yummy dish, or about to play a game, or curl up under a snuggly blanket. Your dog sure wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to grab a bite, share in a game or curl up with you!

Your dog follows you around because it's their job

When you move about the house, it's your dog who feels obliged to patrol the area nearby. After all, they must ensure you aren't put in any danger.

Dogs prize resources such as water, food, territory and protection. In order to conserve these, your dog needs to defend you in case of a rival 'pack' moving in, thus leading to a potentially dangerous outcome for them.

Patrolling and defending territory is a natural instinct for a pet that is loyal to their pet parent. Try not to question their 'job' too much, just appreciate their devotion.

Your dog follows you around because they love you!

It is obvious that your dog loves you, and therefore they feel the need to show it. After all, you have a very strong relationship with your pet! This is more often than not one of the key reasons for which your dog follows you around.

However, with that love also comes a fear of being abandoned - one of the most feared elements for many animal species and humans alike. They may well be afraid you will leave them even if you show plenty of love. Some breeds are even known to be more anxious than others.

Despite some natural instincts, we like to believe our dogs follow us around simply because they love us - and in all honesty, this is probably 100% true! That and the want for pats and cuddles (and maybe treats too)...

Does your dog follow your every move?

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