Other than the layout and the hygiene, the placement of your Guinea Pig's cage is a very important consideration for their wellbeing.

The perfect temperature for your Guinea Pig's cage

The Guinea Pig is a fragile and sensitive anima. This is why it is important to respect certain rules regarding the temperature and placement of their cage. Try not to place it in a spot where the Guinea Pig would be directly exposed to the sun's rays or excessive heat. Guinea Pigs also cannot withstand cold temperatures or high humidity.

In addition, try to avoid placing the Guinea Pig's cage in a place where the ambient temperature is varied, such as near a door, window or air conditioning system.

Finally, remember that the temperature at ground level is lower than higher up. Therefore, place the cage somewhere elevated. In addition, being able to see the whole room will reassure your Guinea Pig.

A quiet room for your Guinea Pig's cage

Do not put your Guinea Pig's cage near a television or sound system. Guinea Pigs' ears are very sensitive and can hear into the ultrasonic spectrum. In addition to damaging their ears, the sound could make them nervous and even agressive.

However, even if your Guinea Pig's enclosure should be in a quiet room, it is important that they not be isolated. Guinea Pigs are curious and sociable pets who enjoy participating in family life. This is why their cage should be in a place where family members spend time.

Your Guinea Pig's cage outside?

Putting your Guinea Pig's cage outside is absolutely not possible because the winter is too cold and wet. However, you can give them a kind of summer home.

This summer residence should have a roof (to protect from sun, rain and predators). It should also be protected, just like a little nest.

To find out more about taking care of your Guinea Pig, you can read this article.

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