Let's start September off right with the results of the 35th Yummypets Photo Competition!

This month, you revealed your artistic talents, demonstrated your love of selfies, and shown that your animals are all freaking adorable when they sleep! So, without any further ado, here are the results:

Drawing my animal

For this theme, you blew us away with your creative talents! You obviously know how to wield a mighty pencil.

The winner in this category is Citronnelle et Diesel with a total of 96 votes. Congratulations!


The jury's choice was Croquette-Yorkshire & Cie's drawings. Congratulations, the team loved to see the different stages of drawing and the final version was superb!

dessin chien yorkshire

My pet is cutest when they're asleep

There is no doubt that your pets are all absolutely adorable when they sleep!

With a total of 115 votes, the winner in this category is April. Well done, you really are the cutest when you're asleep!

chaton dort

The jury had a lot of trouble on deciding a winner for this theme, but we finally settled on the photo of Lotus. Well done!

chaton blanc dort

My best selfie with my pet

The Yummypets Team loved this theme that showed what selfie pros you all are.

For this category, the winner is Eos with a total of 89 votes. Well done, you make a great duo with your pet parent!

concours photo yummypets selfie

And finally, the jury's choice goes to the selfie of Démone. Bravo, it's a photo that we really thought reflects your relationship!

démone concours photo yummypets

Well done to all the participants in the photo competition. It's always a pleasure for us to discover your beautiful photos!

Don't hesitate to participate in the new photo competition for the month of September here.

Can't wait to see all your photos!

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