This beautiful Shiba Inu, named Shiba, is the newest internet sensation from Japan, after a video of the clever dog went viral!

The Clever Shiba

This dog serves clients at a cigarette shop in Tokyo! If you don’t believe it, have a look at the pictures and video, and even though it’s in Japanese, the pictures speak for themselves.

Friendly Service

Shiba takes naps between serving customers but as soon as someone approaches he jumps up and opens the window. The cashier is very friendly with his tongue out and tail wagging for all customers!

The shop is attracting tourists from all over Japan, even though some don’t smoke. Others have considered taking up smoking so that they can buy from the adorable Shiba!


The 5 year-old Shiba loves his job and after a hard day’s work he loves to munch on a nice cucumber. Apparently Shiba started greeting customers on his own and now he is a regular feature!

Has anyone been to visit Shiba?

Source: Rocket News 24

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