8 Antelopes imported from a zoo in Prague without the correct documentation and identification certificates had to be put down.

Poor Flight Conditions

The poor animals were put on a plane from the Czech Republic to South Africa and were forced to fly the long hours in awful conditions. Their cages were not adapted for the flight and they had no water.

Journey And Destination

On their journey they made a stop-over in Frankfurt, Germany before they arrived in South Africa. Prague zoo sent 8 Sitatungas Antelopes, which live in the swamp areas of Central Africa, to Johannesburg. Some of them were meant to go to Johannesburg zoo and the others to a private zoo.

Incorrect Paperwork 

Once the animals arrived in SA, the authorities would not allow them into the country because they didn’t have any documentation. They were not sure if the animals carried diseases. Germany would not allow the animals to transit back through their country, so SA officials decided to put the animals down.

The antelopes were stuck in a warehouse for several days before someone opened their cages. The animals were dehydrated and injured; four of the antelope were not able to stand at all.

This tragedy could have been avoided if Prague zoo had put together the right paperwork before the animals were sent overseas. The South Africans could also have treated the animals better.

Credit: Thinkstock

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