Over the past 30 years we have lost more than three quarters of Arctic ice. Scientists believe it’s only a matter of time before it disappears altogether.

The thought of losing the Arctic to global warming, a majestic and essential component of the earth's survival, is a frightening prospect. Not only a big issue for humans, it is endangers the lives and species of animals that call this special place home.

Threat to the Arctic

With the world's reliance on oil exploitation, militarisation and industrial fishing at all time highs, the Arctic has been under intensifying threat. Global warming is very real with the ice melting at a rapid rate and the devastation already visible.

This devastation is not only isolated to the Arctic but to the global ecosystem; Mother Nature's finely tuned circle of life and nature is being thrown well off balance.

The Arctic - the world's air conditioner

The Arctic has been known to scientists for a long time as the world’s ‘air conditioner'. It is responsible for the regulation of the earth’s temperatures by reflecting sunlight off the ice.

With the ice melting, the sunlight and its heat is absorbed by the water, raising water temperatures and currents from once cooler conditions. These increasing temperatures have subsequent flow-on affects that continue the upward trend in warming the earth at an increasingly rapid rate. This in turn causes the ice to melt even faster.

Many animal species have been significantly impacted by the changing conditions. Polar bears, walruses, foxes, oxen and narwhals have found it increasingly difficult to live, hunt and survive. Without ice to inhabit, many polar bears drown or starve through over-exhaustion in being forced to swim longer distances in order to find food.

There are many other animals in the Arctic that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. With their numbers in decline, many of them are finding themselves on the endangered species list. Various reports suggest that polar bears will become extinct with the next 100 years.

How can I help?

There are numerous campaigns running to help try and save the polar bear, as well as many other animal species. However, the only way we're going to reverse these affects is to make radical changes to our global consumption needs. As a human race, we need to protect our planet and ensure its survival.

If you're keen to make even the slightest of differences, sign the petition below to join the 8.7million+ people taking on the big oil producers. Ensure you vote for governments who are willing to ACT on environmental protection measures, and do your bit at home to recycle and consider your global footprint. Together we can make a difference!

Sign the petition here here to help save the Arctic!

Source: Greenpeace

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