5 of the laziest animals in the Animal Kingdom

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We all have those off days, when you really just feel like doing nothing. For others, this is everyday life! In this article we will look at some of the laziest animals around. Don't feel too bad about being tired today, your friends in the animal kingdom are just as bad. 


The Koala

The very cute Koala is one of these animals; according to Sara Tan, they spend up to 75% of their day lounging around in trees. The Koala’s diet consists of eucalyptus leaves, and because this is so high in fibre it takes a lot of energy to digest. The Koala sleeps for 18 – 22 hours a day! 



The Opossum

The opossum is another lazy animal, but very easy-going! They are nocturnal animals who like to dark and private areas. They sleep for 18 – 20 hours a day! 



The Hamster

If you own a hamster you will know that they are pretty lazy as well. It is sometimes difficult to spot them in their cages and they don’t always respond when you call them. They sleep for most of the day, up to 14 hours, if they are not eating or taking a quick run on the hamster wheel.



The Hippo 

Hippos like to take naps, and it is very normal to see a big group together. An interesting fact about hippos is that they can sleep underwater too; they just have to come up for air every now and then. Hippos sleep for 16- 20 hours a day! 


The Sloth

Last but not least, the animal which comes to mind when we think of lazy, is the sloth. These animals are very slow and take hours to do just about everything. They spend most of their time in the treetops, moving about leisurely. They sleep for 20 hours a day!




So the next time you want to take a day off, don’t feel too bad! 

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  • Kashif I got a feeling that sloths are really friendly - we should get some to join YP - they'd get loads of Yummies I think