Summer is here and the sun is finally shining!

As you know, we still have to be careful not to over-expose ourselves to UV rays that are harmful to our health ... and to our animals! Our cats and our dogs can also suffer from the heat. They should, therefore, be monitored to protect them as best you can.

Avoid sunburns:

Dogs and cats are less susceptible to sunburns than us because their fur protects them. However, this does not mean they shouldn't be protected. Some breeds are more susceptible, like dogs with thin hair (Dalmatian, Bull Terrier) and white cats. To protect your pet, it is necessary to avoid going out during the hottest hours, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If your cat likes to lie long hours in the sun or if your dog is particularly sensitive to sunlight, apply sunscreen on sensitive areas (ears, nose). The more powerful, the better.

Protect them from the heat:

Instinctively, your pets and especially dogs seek the shade during the hottest days. Note that our pets do not sweat. To regulate their temperature, they increase their breathing, panting, and looking for a cool spot. To refresh your pet, place a wet cloth on their back. Also, think about getting a large basin of water. Your dogs love to cool down in the water or you can wet their pads and belly.

If they seem to suffer from the heat, wet them with cold water, fan, and place it in the middle of drafts. The internal temperature of a dog that is the victim of a serious sunburn can raise to 41° in an hour. Symptoms include tremors, panting, drooling, tongue becoming blue, diarrhea. In this case, do not wait and take them to the vet

In summer, consider renewing their water bowl several times a day so that your pet always has fresh water. Make sure they also have a place in the shade or they may flee.

Attention dog owners: do not leave your pet locked in a car. Even with a half-open window, parked in the shade (the sun moves), or on cloudy days, it is very dangerous for them. In the shade inside a car, the temperature may exceed 30 ° and can reach 50 ° in the sun! A heatstroke can be fatal.

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