Hello Hoomans!

I'm back with great news for those who own a dog!

You've always dreamed of being famous, but unfortunately that bubble burst a long time ago? Well why won't you try to make your pet  a star?

Wait for it.....

The Dog Portrait Company is on a mission to find the UK’s prettiest pooches for its 2014 calendar. Of course, I cannot participate since I'm a cat... too bad!

The pet photography specialist wants Hoomans to bring their dogs to a photo shoot at Pets Corner in Walton on June 1, to find out if their pet could be the next Mr December or Mrs July.


In a competition the dogs will compete to show off their personality in front of the camera, with owners expected to select props that showcase their pets’ star quality.

Adrian Fuller, Dog Portrait director, says there will be a final competition with the winner from each store to find the top 12!

You can check out the rules here: The Dog Portrait Company

Go on Doggies, live my dream!

Gossip Kitty

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