Most Animal Health professionals advise  to vaccinate your pet once a year.

Recently, more and more pet parents wonder if this is not too much.

In fact, recent studies shows that in most cases, vaccinating your pet once a year is not necessary.
Even more disturbing, clinical observations have shown several links between vaccination and new diseases with which animals are increasingly grappling such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, fibrosarcomas, anaemia...


Charles E. Loops, veterinarian and homeopath practicing in North Carolina, wrote on his website: "I've been practicing veterinary medicine for more than twenty years. I've seen chronic diseases appear much earlier than before. At the time, cancer of dogs or cats around 5 years old were rather rare, today it is not unusual to diagnose deadly cancers to animals who are 2 or 3 years old. The number of cases is permanently increasing. Bad practices at farms, poor diet and other environmental factors may have a role to play, but I think the most important factor is the repeated vaccination throughout the life of the animal. This practice ensures that we have weakened our fellow animals genetically."

In short, the minimum duration of immunity products constituting the vaccine could protect a dog or a cat from 7 years up to 15 years! The repetition of these vaccines every year, by this logic would poison without knowing our beloved animal.

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Currently, most veterinarians recommend vaccinating your pets annually, even if they are perfectly healthy.

But did you know that no vaccines should be administered to sick animals, especially those with autoimmune diseases and allergies of all kinds (allergies being the sign of a malfunction of the immune system)?

No law obliges us to vaccinate or revaccinate our companion animal (except the vaccine against rabies when it comes to certain countries).

What do you think? Do you vaccinate your pet every year?

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