Cats are natural hunters. If your kitten spends most of their time indoors, it's important to provide them with toys that they can play with solo so that they can practice their hunting skills and stay entertained throughout the day.

Solo play is important for a kitten's mental stimulation

When kittens live in an apartment, the area that they can explore and run around in is limited. To ensure that your kitten stays mentally stimulated throughout the day, it's important to provide them with toys that they can play with solo.

Kittens are capable of finding ways to play even when they do not have toys to play with. For example, you might see a kitten roll around on the ground or play with "imaginary adversaries".

However, when kittens do have toys to play with, they are capable of playing for hours on end. When you are not home, you can leave out toys and games so that they can play solo safely.

Regarding the type of toys and supplies that you can provide your kitten with, there are plenty of cat trees and scratching posts on the market! You can also find toys that hang on the wall or stuffed toys with bells or feathers. Kittens really enjoy playing with moving or hanging objects.

You can also consider making some toys yourself. For example, with a rod, a string and some feathers, you can make an awesome fishing rod toy for your furry friend!

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Kittens and the zoomies

Does your kitten run and jump crazily around the house? Do they sometimes attack "imaginary prey"? This behavior is common for cats who live in apartments and spend a majority of their day alone. This behavior is also common in kittens.

There's absolutely nothing to worry about. Your kitten has not lost their mind! They are simply getting rid of their pent-up energy.

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Cat toys that you should be wary of

Cats really enjoy playing with strings such as threads, ribbons, elastic cords, and rubber bands. With that being said, they can get hurt or have an intestinal obstruction if they ingest them. To minimize the risk of suffocation and other health issues, avoid toys that are small enough for your cat to swallow, such as marbles.

In addition, many cats like playing with paper bags and plastic bags. However, these toys can be dangerous. If your kitten passes their head through the handle of the bag, they can strangle themselves. In addition, if your kitten likes chewing on plastic bags, this can lead to health problems and put their life in danger.

Kittens need toys that they can play with safely. It is important to keep dangerous toys and objects out of your kitten's reach.

Do you provide your kitten with enough toys?

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