An elephant adopted by buffalos!

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This story takes place in Zimbabwe, where ivory hunters killed Nzhou’s parents in the 70’s. She was later moved to the Imire Black Rhino and Wildlife Conservation area.

Adopted by Buffalos 

Nzhou was not alone for long as a herd of buffalo had adopted her soon after she arrived. Although she looks very different from her new family, she shows no signs of returning to a herd of her own kind. She sees herself as a part of the buffalo herd!


Judy Tracers, the owner of the conservation park said: “We have tried to reintroduce her to the elephant herd on the farm but she’s really happy where she is.”

Nzhou Fits In

Nzhou is very nurturing when it comes to the buffalo moms and their calves. She even puts her foot down and takes no nonsense from the bulls.


The farm where the animals live is about 10, 000 acres and during the day the wildlife can roam freely. At night, they are however kept in safe areas to avoid poaching.

un éléphant adopté par une famille de buffles

Source & Photo Credit: Express

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