This small dog with the very big personality originates from England in the mid- 1800’s. Reverend Jack Russell developed the breed to hunt foxes and other small game, so they have great endurance as working dogs!


According to Dogster, Jack Russells weigh up to 18 pounds and can reach up to 15 inches in height. They also live up to about 15 years. These sturdy little guys are usually muscular with a lot of energy! They do not need much grooming as their coats are short and smooth. They are normally white with black, tan or brown in colour.


Jack Russells with proper training are loyal, bold, fun, curious and loving. They get on well with the whole family! These dogs are very protective of their environment and their family, so they make great guard dogs. They will bark at any stranger coming anywhere close to your home!



As these animals have a lot of energy and need a lot of stimulation, daily walks are essential! They do fine in apartments but would fare better with a garden. In a garden they might dig or keep themselves busy by exploring. They are fast animals, taking them for a run is a good idea to get rid of pent-up energy. Make sure your Jack Russell is on a leash because they are confrontational with other dogs, and this will make it easier to handle them. You don’t want your pet to get into a fight!


Jack Russells are independent dogs who can be quite stubborn; therefore training is a good idea. As they can be a handful, some experts recommend that only experienced dog handlers own this breed. But, these dogs are smart and can learn quickly, if you have the energy to handle them they make great pets! If you train your dog from a puppy, discipline should not be a problem.

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