Understanding your cat's body language

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If you learn how to decode the signs, it's really easy to understand a cat.

Learn to observe their ears, eyes and whiskers to easily understand your best friend!

Language of the ears

Did you know that a cat's ears give you very reliable informations about their mood? Ears raised straight on the top of their head, facing forward means "relaxed but watchful". If something happens, they're ready to jump up.


If your cat's ears are flattened, it means that they are nervous and on the defensive. When their ears are flattened against the back of their head, it means that they're afraid and ready to attack.


Cat's ears are an excellent barometer of a cat's mood, and easily readable, even for beginners.

Language of the eyes

In humans, eyes express plenty of different feelings and emotions. In cats too! Dilated pupils express fear and anxiety. Nevertheless, if you notice that your cat's pupils are always dilated, you must consult a veterinarian. When your cat's pupils are shrunken, it means that they're angry and about to attack.


Did you know that looking a cat into the eyes is a sign of agression? If you want to "seduce" a cat and have them come to you, turn your eyes away and blink.

Languages of the whiskers

Cat's whiskers are sense organs, but mood indicators as well. When they are faced forward, fanned out, it means that your cat is busy and focused on what they're doing. When they are spread on the side, it means that your cat is quiet and relaxed.


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