Rabies is a viral disease. It can affect any mammal and leads to death. Today, we tell you more about rabies.

The UK and most European countries are rabies free. But in some countries, for example in Bali, rabies still causes death in people and animals.

Last year a kitten with rabies was found near Paris. In France, which is a rabies-free country, people started to be scared but rapidly discovered that the kitten had been brought from Morocco.

Depending on where you live, vaccination against rabies may not be mandatory. Even though it's not, you must have your pet vaccinated, especially if they are having contact with other animals.

To travel abroad with your pet, vaccination against rabies is mandatory. Without it, you can't get a European Pet Passport.

Did you know that even whales can get rabies? 

Crédit photo : Yummypets

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