Bathing your cat

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If you are lucky enough to have a cat, you have probably already asked yourself this question: can I wash my furry friend? Here are some tips that should enlighten you!

Well yes, you can! But you must meet a few requirements. First, you should know that cats do not have the same pH as us so be very careful with the products you use.

To wash your cat, the best is to bathe them. Remember your cat has a very delicate skin so buy a special cat shampoo or ask your vet. Before bathing, brush and untangle their hair, especially if it is long. And prepare to be scratched, especially if your kitty does not like water, as they will try to escape and cling to your head or arms! That's why you should accustom your cat to water as soon as possible. The water temperature should range between 35 °C and 40 °C.

Begin by immersing your cat by the body ending with their tail. Pay attention to their head and their eyes. Rub well everywhere, especially on the legs and between their " toes " then rinse, and repeat if needed. Then wrap them in a warm towel and rub vigorously. You can dry them with a hair dryer set at medium temperature. It is important that your pet does not get cold.

You can also hand-wash your cat: pour a bowl of warm water on their body, avoiding the head (or they may think that they are drowning !). Clean them gently with a washcloth or another wet cloth. Rub gently with a washcloth soaked in special product then rinse, particularly on the legs. The best place for this wash is the kitchen sink. Then you wrap them in a warm towel.

Here are some tips to make your beloved feline all nice and clean ! Remember that cats wash themselves, and normally do not "need" to be washed! So only wash them in case of exceptional dirtiness.

Photo : shannonkirshner.com

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