Hello my human readers,

Today UK, hide your socks, underwear, shoes, letters....

Here comes Dennis, a totally kleptomaniac cat!

Indeed, Dennis has already stolen more than 100 objects in his neighborhood! His pet parent, Lisa Newman, 49, keeps all these robberies in 2 huge boxes

Dennis has been stealing for 18 months, and is robbing crazier and bigger stuffs from day to day: like a foot ball, dolls, shoes, stuffed toys, clothes... Now I know why I can't find my favorite ball anymore!

The cat's victims, who nicknamed him " Denice the menace" after the cartoon, often check if their missing belongings aren't at Lisa and Dennis's place.

Here is a video of Dennis caught red-handed:

Vicky Halls, a behaviorist specializing in cats, said: "There are so many different theories about why cats steal, but I think it is a basic instinct to hunt, he must love the material of the cloths in his mouth ".

The lesson of the day: cats are mean little thieves, but it's okay, cause' they are cats.

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