How do you rate the advice and care provided by the vet nurses?

Are you generally satisfied with the quality of accessories you buy for your pet? E.g. leash, collar, harness, etc.

Do you have a preference regarding the gender of your vet?

How often do you treat your pet for worms?

Do you feel your vet spends enough time consulting your pet during visits?

Do you believe your pet is somewhat difficult in terms of their taste preferences?

If a vet practice is open 24hrs, would this influence you in selecting it as your chosen vet?

Have you ever made an item (e.g. toy, bed/basket, etc.) for your pet by recycling an object?

Do you ever call your vet for advice?

Are you registered in any combined activity with your pet? E.g. agility, canicross, running, yoga, etc.

Do you fully trust your vet when making recommendations on dietary options?

Does your pet have their own dedicated space at home (separate to being allowed in other areas)?

How do you usually make an appointment with your vet (excluding emergencies)?

Does your pet wear its collar all the time (even in the house)?

Would 100% transparent packaging genuinely put you off purchasing your cat’s dry biscuits?

Have you reduced the number of walks with your dog following confinement?

Would you be willing to pay more for your pet's food if its packaging was 100% recyclable?

In light of the current confinement, have you changed your pet’s feeding habits?

Would you buy probiotic for your cats and dogs to improve their wellbeing and their health ?

Would you buy cats and dog kibbles formulated with poultry eggs highly digestible ?