Has your pet ever had ringworm?

Do you take your pet with you to work?

Are you part of a pet association?

Has your pet already donated their blood?

Have you already thought about what you would do with your pet's body after they pass?

Do you take the time to learn about new trends (food, gadgets, etc.) concerning your pet?

Does your pet get carsick?

Have you ever consulted an osteopath for your pet?

Is your pet identified (microchip or tattoo)?

Do you think that eating insects could pose a health risk to your pet (e.g. allergens, bacteria, lack of hygiene, etc.)?

Do you use toppers to enrich your pet's kibble?

Would you prefer a pet food brand if all the ingredients were sourced from the country you live in?

Do you feed your pet leftovers?

Has your cat ever had problems with uncleanliness?

Has your pet ever run away?

Do you know what by-products are in pet food?

Is your pet vaccinated against rabies?

What's stopping your from adopting another pet?

Do you pay attention to the level of carbohydrates in your pet's diet?

Do you give your pet light pet food?