Are you part of a pet association?

Do you regularly weigh your pet?

Do you take your pet with you to work?

Is your pet identified (microchip or tattoo)?

Have you ever consulted an osteopath for your pet?

Do you use toppers to enrich your pet's kibble?

Is your pet vaccinated against rabies?

Do you know what by-products are in pet food?

What's stopping your from adopting another pet?

Do you feed your pet leftovers?

Do you pay attention to the level of carbohydrates in your pet's diet?

Do you set a monthly budget dedicated to your pet?

Do you weigh/measure the amount of food you give to your pet?

Have you already bought organic pet food (kibble or wet) for your pet?

As a result of inflation, have you reduced the amount of dry or wet food that you give your pet on a daily basis?

Would you be willing to buy your pet food in bulk to reduce the cost of your pet's food?

Do you use fish oil to boost your pet's diet?

Do you pay attention to the level of ash in your pet's diet?

Has your pet already used a slow feeder bowl?

Have you ever signed up for an online subscription to have your pet's food delivered to your house?