Do you add warm water to your pet food?

Have you ever bought pet food containing fruit for your pet?

Have you ever used the services of a petsitter?

Do you pay attention to your pet's vaccine reminders?

When you buy food for your pet, do you read the ingredient list?

How do you usually make an appointment with your vet (excluding emergencies)?

Do you give leftover food to your pet?

Has the cost of consultation with the veterinarian ever stopped you from taking your pet there?

Why haven’t you taken out pet insurance for your pet?

Where do you mainly buy food for your pet?

Have you ever been denied access to a public place because of your pet?

Do you donate to animal associations and shelters?

Do you regularly change the brand of your pet food?

Do you trust your vet when it comes to making recommendations about your pet's food?

What is most important to you when choosing food for your pet?

Do you take your pet with you to work?

Are you part of a pet association?

Has your pet already donated their blood?

Have you already thought about what you would do with your pet's body after they pass?

Do you take the time to learn about new trends (food, gadgets, etc.) concerning your pet?