Our polls

Does your dog develop signs of pet atopic dermatitis?

Would you pay more for food that is adapted to your pet's needs?

Do you know that there are solutions that are able to detect the presence of blood in your pet's urine?

What do you use to enable your dog(s) to it's business (urinate, defecate)?

Do you think that your pet is intelligent?

Do you have any knowledge of alternative medicine for animals?

How often do you go out for a walk with your pet(s)?

Have you ever changed your holiday plans to take your pet with you?

Ask your veterinarian for a quote before your consultations?

Did you take any courses on how to educate your pet?

Do you cut your pet’s nails?

Which online retailer do you buy pet food from?

Do you regularly weigh your pets?

Have you considered feeding your pet grain-free pet food?

Which type of anti-parasite product do you use for your pets?

Does your pet suffer from skin problems?

How much do you spend on pet care per year (veterinarians, specific products, groomer...)?

Would you buy food for your pet based on the quality of its packaging?

Do you ever bring your pet to work?

Have you heard about 'purr therapy'?

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