If you've seen cat grass in pet stores and had no idea what it was doing there, you're not alone. But it is indeed for cats and we'll tell you why here.

Firstly, cat grass is different from catnip and its related friend catmint. While catnip produces a behavioural effect in cats and is used for their enjoyment, cat grass aids in digestion. It is usually a mix of barley, rye, and wheat grasses. It sounds interesting and it is.

Cat grass and its detoxing qualities

Cats are known to be self-sufficient animals. Constantly grooming themselves, they have a very well-adapted means of keeping themselves clean and able to determine what their bodies can and can't digest. As such, they know when to expel excess or unwanted bodies in the system to avoid any digestive problems. That's where cat grass comes in.

With the accumulation of cat hair from regular cleaning, cats often expel hairballs to avoid excess quantities from travelling through the digestive system. And funnily enough, it's easier to do this after snacking on grass. Similarly, chewing on grass can also help a cat expel any unwanted bones or feathers swallowed after eating wild prey.

If you live in a flat and your cat does not have access outside or to grass, they will automatically find themselves in more difficulty trying to rid themselves of unwanted items in the throat and stomach. If you have house plants, they then might try to eat these as a way to compensate. This can be quite dangerous as there are some popular house plants that are toxic to cats.

To grow your own cat grass, you can use a wide ceramic bowl filled with soil, planted with barley, rye, oat, or wheat seeds. You can also purchase a mix of these seeds in pet stores. If you are not patient enough, already-grown cat grass is also available.

Cats having access to grass is not a common thought for some cat owners as many felines have access to the outside world. But for those that don't, remember to provide your fur friend with some suitable grass so they can maintain their highly efficient, self-cleaning routine. It's not only a favourite food but also needed!

Have you ever noticed your cat eating grass?


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    MollyJane S Snowball loves eating and playing with the grass in my back garden....

    Carol D Yes I have an indoor cat and i always have grass  for her She loves it