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dog dry food, kibbles, any recommended brand?

hi guys! i am changing my dog diet, but I would like to ask you guys whether Ideal Balance is a good brand? 

i checked this list of dog dry food and two brands that I heard is good (from my colleagues), Annamaet and Ideal Balance.

Does anyone has a good idea whether these are good? Im more  interested in ideal balance as it is more suitable for my budget, but if annamaet is really good, i would just cut down on my own entertainment budget for her =)

if not, any dry food to recommend? I have a voucher from the dog dry food website so i am hoping to use it

  • hamidreza K.

    4 months ago

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  • Ellie009 E.

    4 months ago

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  • shabdaclinic

    4 months ago

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  • wedding P.

    4 months ago

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  • trackey M.

    4 months ago

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  • Emily M.

    3 months ago

    I think Diamond Naturals is the best brand for dog dry food. I use this brand and every time my dog eat only that food.

  • Stephanie W.

    3 months ago

    I recommend the Blue Buffalo Basics because it is grain free with simple ingredients. And my dog likes it ☺
  • mark G.

    3 months ago

    Well ,dog is lovely pet I had too.most agreeable, pragmatic and suits your dog the best as well.Keep in mind, before you start your inquiry measure your dog's neck painstakingly. Labs arrived in a major scope of sizes, and collar producers all put their measuring in marginally extraordinary sections. One brands medium is another brands additional extensive.

  • Leonil C.

    3 months ago

    There are different types of dog food that would be good for our dear dogs. There are some dog food that our dog wouldn't like to eat. If only dog foods have free samples before you can buy one so it wouldn't just go to waste if your dog don't like it.
  • Daniel J.

    3 months ago

    They break down all food with a VIP ranking and go into great aspect to someone write my college essay enlighten their ranking, including alternative distant ingredients and how the food is ready.

  • George M.

    3 months ago

    Try Blue Buffalo Basic
  • julia J.

    2 months ago

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  • Pauline M.

    a month ago

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