English Cocker Spaniel

From the United Kingdom, this dog is compact, has an excellent health and has a life expectancy well above the average! Its hair is silky flat, never curly or wavy: groom it regularly to keep a lovely dress!
Very gay, sweet and affectionate, it is full of life and very exuberant. It is also a sports very good for hunting and loves water. It is very endearing and funny!


41 th

Most popular breed


United Kingdom


Sporting Group


Hunting dog


Long hair

Life span



22 to 44lbs

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3 Questions about this breed


Hi, if you all can help me

Gandhi L. | 28/11/2020
Last reply 12 days ago
Last reply 12 days ago

My dog keeps licking his paw

YummyOrNot Y. | 25/07/2015
Last reply 5 years ago
Last reply 5 years ago

How can I stop him barking when going out in the car to the fields?

BARRIE W. | 28/07/2013
Last reply 7 years ago
Last reply 7 years ago

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