When it comes to pets like rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, Etc; do they feel affection toward us the same way cats and dogs do?

I know all animals are different and how they show affection is different.

But when it comes to relationships with humans, do they feel a connection with us, or is it a one sided affair?

  • Chewy


    I think the best way to decide this is to look at your bunny's behaviour with their housemates. If they get along well and your bunny replicates that behaviour with you, I think that's a good sign!

  • Mike H.


    They will show affection with their own attitude or their own way, not like a dog or a cat. You actually will realize that when you raise them a long time. It totally react differently with the stranger rather than you as the pets keeper.
  • Jim N.


    I can only speak for my personal experience with a prairie dog.  A resounding yes. Although it's displays of affection were not as frequently displayed as any canine ive raised, there is no doubt that it showed its love and appreciation for myself, my wife, and our son.  A true joy to have as a member of our household.

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