Handling new guniea pig

I just brought my guniea pig home from the pet store. He has pellets, greens, and plenty of hay! I did read that you should not handle your guniea pig for the first few days to avoid stressing your guniea out. However, can I still spot clean his cage? Should I still put him in his pen so he can get Excercise? Should I just wait a few days before doing anything with him at all? I could be over thinking but I just want to do the right thing. Thank you! 

  • Lucy M.

    Thanks Chewy!

  • Andrew M.

    It is defiently better to just leave them alone for a five-seven days. Hust give them a lot of taste treats and speak to them, maybe even sit by the cage so they can get used to your flavour. 

  • Chewy

    Hi! This Yummypets article does not necessarily answer all of your questions but it does provide a lot of advice for new guinea pig pet owners! I hope some of the advice helps! 

    - All about the guinea pig


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