Handling new guniea pig

I just brought my guniea pig home from the pet store. He has pellets, greens, and plenty of hay! I did read that you should not handle your guniea pig for the first few days to avoid stressing your guniea out. However, can I still spot clean his cage? Should I still put him in his pen so he can get Excercise? Should I just wait a few days before doing anything with him at all? I could be over thinking but I just want to do the right thing. Thank you! 

  • Emma Rose

    Congratulations on your new guinea pig! Spot cleaning the cage and ensuring exercise are fine; these actions won't stress your pet much. Minimal handling initially helps them settle, but gentle interactions like talking softly or sitting near the cage help familiarize them with your presence. Introduce handling gradually after a couple of days, starting with short, calm sessions. This lets them acclimate at their own pace. Exercise in a safe, enclosed pen promotes activity; supervise to ensure safety. Patience is key; they'll grow accustomed to you over time. Source for more helpful guinea pig care tips and information.

  • Andrew M.

    It is defiently better to just leave them alone for a five-seven days. Hust give them a lot of taste treats and speak to them, maybe even sit by the cage so they can get used to your flavour. 

  • Chewy

    Hi! This Yummypets article does not necessarily answer all of your questions but it does provide a lot of advice for new guinea pig pet owners! I hope some of the advice helps! 

    - All about the guinea pig


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