Have you tried bird baths and bird feeders?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie here. I'm curious to hear your experiences with bird baths. What type do you have? What kinds of birds do you attract? Also, have you had any luck deterring squirrels from eating from bird feeders?


  • Toby Lee S.

    I have 2 large cement bird baths - one in the front yard and one in the back yard.  The native wild birds come every day to not only drink the water, but take group baths!  It's so enjoyable to watch.  I change the water every day about noon, so they have nice fresh water.  We don't have squirrels where I live.  

  • Alex L.

    its just helps to try and prevent birds pooping into the bird bath water. If your backyard is big enough then space out bird feeders and bird bath up to 10 feet. Far less is possible but remember birds droppings can be carried in the air by the wind.

  • Jessica W.

    For hatchling and nestling, it’s best to feed them directly in the mouth. They can’t eat on their own yet, so use your hands or a small clip. And if you need to feed a fledgling, leave the food in a small tray.

  • MEKH R.

    yes I tried ash bath for lies removal for my fancy hens, and I used to give my birds vinegar bath. 
  • Cyrcus J.

     I love the Brome cylindrical feeder – a true squirrel buster. The auto-lock system closes the shroud when it detects the squirrel’s weight. Denying this pesky squirrel access to the woodpecker’s food such as nuts and seeds is the ultimate way to deter these squirrels from ever coming back.

  • Chewy

    Hey Charles, 

    I'm sorry I've had no experience with bird baths, but you can try contact the Yummypets members listed at the bottom of each of these pages (where it says Yummypals on Yummypets). Just check that they've been recently active so they can see your question. Also, these two parrots have just joined Yummypets in the last couple of weeks so they might be able to help: https://www.yummypets.com/pets/413277 and https://www.yummypets.com/pets/412181. They're from Italy but you can always write your question in English and then also use Google translate to post the same question in Italian as well. Good luck! 








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