Point of Best in Show

Hi, what is the point in the Best in Show? Do we like win any prizes or not?

  • johnsonplaid

    I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire the photo contest provided in your site. 

  • Chewy

    Hi! The point of Best in Show is to highlight the best photos that were posted throughout the day. This allows more people to see these profiles and hopefully encourage more interaction and opportunities to make friends. There are no prizes for Best in Show. However, the photoshoot contest and the "Yummy or Not" contest allow members to win prizes. For the photoshoot contest, 3 themes are chosen each month. Members can post one photo per pet. At the end of the month, three members win a prize. Here is an example of how the winners are announced: yummypets.com/pets/303495/photos/4989578. Yummy or Not is similar because members can win prizes. Each member can post a photo per pet and the goal is to have the most votes. I hope that helps 🐾


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