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What should we call our goldfish?

We are planning on getting another goldfish and we can't think of a name - all our other ones are on a theme: Buffy, Chapman and Crawley. Anyone have any good ideas?

  • Maria S.


    Hi Keren,

    It seems like you are having an awesome goldfish family! In my opinion, you should give it another character name from a TV show. What about 'Stark' from Game of Thrones or 'Sheldon' from Big Bang Theory? I think they both would fit.


  • Nathan M.


    What do I name my goldfish?”

    Mmm There are lots of name in my mind to give it to my pet but

  • Azka M.


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  • Jordan S.


    How about Nico?
  • Anna S.


    There are lots of name in my mind to give it to my pet

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