Does a boy have more colours than a girl?

How can I tell
  • Ana W.

    Yes, it almost all types of fish

  • Richard F.

    In most fish species, the male gender is more colorful, vivid, and ornate than the female gender, but this isn’t the case with platyfish. The male platies tend to have more color and brightness than female platies, even though they often have the same patterns. 

  • Dalton B.

    You can also differentiate the male and female platies through the vibrant colors in their body. Like any other fish species, the male platies come with more vibrant colors and more complex patterns than the female because they naturally use them to attract their female counterparts to mate. But more or less, both the male and female platies come with similar patterns. You can identify them by the quality of the colors of the bird. It is also normal for the male platies to have darker hues than their female counterpart.

  • Jolly T.

    In majority of the cases, males are more attractive as they have to do their part in attracting the female. 
  • LaPinkaDazzle

    Yes, the boy is usually more colorful and vibrant. The girls don't have as much color and are less vibrant. =)

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