does Yummypets know the difference between species and breeds?

Dogs are all one species - but many breeds.

Snakes are many species (about 4000 worldwide, 200 species or so commonly kept as pets) yet on Yummypets that's it, doesn't matter if you are a 7m reticulated python, or a 40cm ringneck snake you are one 'breed'

In fact even within snake species there are differnt 'breeds' differnt colours, sizes, localities..

How can we reach Yummypets to explain this?

  • Ana W.

    I don't think the snake can be classified like breeds

  • Peppy B.

    In my opinion, if you write directly to the support of this site, then they will definitely be able to answer you why they cannot do this. Most likely it will simply be very difficult because as far as I know there are a lot of species of snakes and most likely they simply will not be able to put each species of snakes on the list. It may be worth adding for snakes, the ability to specify the type of snake yourself, to make it easier for you and the website creators. In my opinion, it would be very cool if this site had guides on how to care for various animals or snakes. And the main thing is that the guides should be like ball python care guide in which almost everything you need to care for a snake is written. Although in my opinion they will not be able to implement this either.

  • Catherine R.

    Within snake species there are different 'morphs', the term 'breed' is not applicable to reptiles, it is a term used to describe variations within a domestic species such as cats, dogs, cattle etc.
  • Romain C.

    Hi, you can send a email to Léo ( ☺

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