Heating outside enclosure.

I have a 1 1/2 ft Black Roughneck monitor.

I live in Southwest Florida so I prefer to have my reptiles in outside enclosures.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a safe outside heating source.

  • Chewy

    Hi Nancy, I think you might be best asking a reptile-dedicated forum or specialist pet store. I'd love to say you'll find the answer here but unfortunately we don't have many reptile parents on the Yummypets platform - not yet anyway! ;) Good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for!
  • Catherine R.

    For outdoor heating, short-wavelength Infrared heaters appear to be the way to go. I've no experience with them myself but I've seen other keepers use them. Here's a quote from Frances Baines from a post in an online 'Reptile Lighting' group.

    "Short-wavelength infrared heaters, the sort typically sold as "patio heaters" producing heat and bright orange light. Waterproof, safe, mounted high up on walls, they create very large basking zones using Infrared-A, the short-wavelength infrared that is in sunlight. Warms solid things not air, so you don't waste any energy, the beam warms the animal deeply, too."

  • Chewy

    Thanks for the great reply, Catherine! :D

  • goldmariee G.

    Thanks for the awesome reply..

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