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Do cats swim?

Hey there,

I love cats a lot. I have a pet cat whose name if Freddy. He is super cool. I take him with me wherever I go. Last month this swimming pool builders in Toronto had built a swimming pool at our house. Whenever I use the pool Freddy never comes with me. He stays away from the water. I was wondering why he does that. I have heard that cats do swim. But Freddy is always afraid to do so.

I want to train my cat to swim. I really have no idea on how to train a cat to swim. Are any of your cats trained to swim? Does anyone know any trainers who can help my cat to swim?

  • Stephan G.


    If you guys know about any trainers please do share!!
  • Eliot M.


    I'm also looking for this information!

    Thanks for sharing

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