Blood in Urine, 100% normal behavior, no signs of any distress at all

Hi All!

I am looking for ideas of how to naturally treat a situation of blood in urine of a multi-cat household (rescue/sanctuary).  I noticed spotting of blood outside a litterbox. I have 4 females and 3 males (but one is only a few months old).  They are all ones I have taken in from neighbors dumping them in 120 degree heat.  I feed them raw meat, organic goats milk, sardines, etc.  and build up their health and sense of well-being that way.  There is a neighbor who insists on leaving out the worst junk (cat) food for strays and my guys love it like crack! They even break the screen to get over there and they think it's a game, I think.  Absolutely everyone has normal behavior and shows no sign of distress in any way.  Everyone loves to eat and eat and drinking water is also normal.  I cant' figure out who it is.. tho I'm suspecting the girls, 2 of whom tend to love dry food the most.  Any ideas of how to figure out who has the problem when no one shows any signs of illness?  They are all 5 years old and younger. And very fit from the diet, and I take them outside with me, so they get fresh air and exercise as well. Next I will ask for ideas of natural remedies!  Thanks so much! KittySanctuaryMommie
  • Majorie G.

    You can encourage your cats to drink more water can help flush out their urinary tract and prevent infection. You can try adding a small amount of water to their food or investing in a cat water fountain to make drinking more appealing. However, blood in cat urine can be a sign of a serious health problem, so I suggest that you take your cats to a veterinarian as soon as possible.


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