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H/O FLUTD Urinating, mildly distended bladder, Strangunia, No hematuria

My Male Ginger cat (Bombay)  was unable to urinate for 1week, then he peed blood, and i rushed him to hospital. The hospital staff put a catherter in his penis, and found he had crystals (stones), hence unable to pee. The catherter was kept for 24hrs, and my cat removed it. Now he pees little by little, He was given Prazosin (1/2mg) and  Tab Adnock 1/2 mg for 1 week.  Still he continues to have spasms.  Pees 3 to 4 times after every 1min and then he is fine. Sleep, Appetite fine, no vomitting.

Pls advise

  • Gracy A.


    How to see the answer, am unable to view. 

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