Our cat is lost since 7 days ☹

We live in Bordeaux and on 5 March last year, our 2-year-old cat, pimpled and neutered didn't come home. From now, we did everything possible : posters, mailers, neighbors, a walk in the neighborhood by calling him, information given to our veterinarian, at the spa, advertisements on the internet (pet alert 33, chat-found.org...). I'm very scared and inconsolable. How can we still hope? What more can we do ? I would like to use other ways to find him, like to see a medium, but who can I turn to and trust ? thanks for your help

  • Juli

    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your messages and support. You were so right, my cat came back days after my post. I just wanted to let you know ☺ Cats are so mysterious... I wish you all the best. 
  • Katq K.

    Really, most of the time, they come back. I had mine for 5 days missing and then she just appeared from somewhere.
  • Marnia W.

    I am so sorry to hear about your cat loss. I will pray for you. 
  • Ryan O.

    I believe that your cat will come back soon. Same as Mike, I experienced it also but luckily she came back and i was so happy. If there ever comes a day that you will see her again, please put something on her to track wherever she goes. Stay strong and pray.
  • Mike H.

    Instead of advertising it everywhere, keep on praying to God. A long time ago my cat disappears almost a month, suddenly she comes back with no clue or reason why she lost. As far as I concern as well there are many true stories about the cat who disappear for so many years and come back.

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