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Our cat is lost since 7 days ☹

We live in Bordeaux and on 5 March last year, our 2-year-old cat, pimpled and neutered didn't come home. From now, we did everything possible : posters, mailers, neighbors, a walk in the neighborhood by calling him, information given to our veterinarian, at the spa, advertisements on the internet (pet alert 33, I'm very scared and inconsolable. How can we still hope? What more can we do ? I would like to use other ways to find him, like to see a medium, but who can I turn to and trust ? thanks for your help

  • Mike H.


    Instead of advertising it everywhere, keep on praying to God. A long time ago my cat disappears almost a month, suddenly she comes back with no clue or reason why she lost. As far as I concern as well there are many true stories about the cat who disappear for so many years and come back.
  • Ryan O.


    I believe that your cat will come back soon. Same as Mike, I experienced it also but luckily she came back and i was so happy. If there ever comes a day that you will see her again, please put something on her to track wherever she goes. Stay strong and pray.
  • Marnia W.


    I am so sorry to hear about your cat loss. I will pray for you. 
  • Katq K.


    Really, most of the time, they come back. I had mine for 5 days missing and then she just appeared from somewhere.
  • Juli


    Hi everyone, thank you so much for your messages and support. You were so right, my cat came back days after my post. I just wanted to let you know ☺ Cats are so mysterious... I wish you all the best. 

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