How to retrain litter box during FLUTD

My male cat is eight yrs old, weighs seventeen pounds,and has FLUTD. How can I get him to use the litter box while he has this disease?
  • Lisa A.

    I had something similar with my cat in the past. I asked the vet and he told me that I should just take him there as much as possible. It did help. I was lucky enough because the littler box he had was really high quality. In the past I was looking for a good litter box since the one I had in the past was low quality and he would get the cat litter all over the place (he is a crazy digger). So I have been looking online for some high quality high wall litter box. And I did find one and he is still using it heheh 

  • Chewy

    I would recommend asking your vet for advice ☺ Good luck!


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